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Москва, Мосфильмовская 41 Откроется в Быстрая заявка на ремонт эхолота. Обратная связь Пользовательское соглашение Оказание платных услуг. I called Hummingbir d this time and asked who is in charge of customer service and they hung up on me.

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  • North America for these cables so I can actually use my fish finder. Also on my 16 foot boat the transducer cable is not long enough, so have to buy an extension cable for that. Before getting the fish finder I bought the new Minn-kota terrova i-pilot link made by same company as humminbird and guess what, same story, have to buy 2 cables to hookup to my humminbird. Alright, so I have to say that the HB tech that worked on my units and the service department are outstandin g! My units are mode So last week March 26, I decide I was updating my obsolete software on my units. Since I had updated my units and done this in the past I thought Would be ok and proceeded to update both at the same time following all the steps.


    Needles to say both units locked up and would go into a loading and shutting down cycle. So Monday morning I called HB the lady at the service department was very courteous and could not believe what she was hearing. Both units locked up? She proceeded to advise me of the worst case scenario and outrages fees for repair. She put me on hold and came back on the line and said" the only fee she was going to charge a fee to update the software". She also sent me prepaid shipping labels from FedEx. And units had shipped! I received my units today and not only did they update the software, both my units look brand new. Vladimir 69 Посмотреть профиль Посетить домашнюю страницу Vladimir 69 Найти ещё сообщения от Vladimir Опции темы Версия для печати. Поиск в этой теме Расширенный поиск. Турниры по Спортивной ловле форели. Правила и Положения по Спортивным секциям Русфишинга. Выезды на которые ведётся запись! Архангельская область, включая НАО. Моря России и Зарубежья.

    humminbird service

    We will not be able to protect or transfer the data for you. Personal checks are not accepted for repair. Please place your payment in an envelope and tape it to the unit, see rates and information. Срок проведения ремонтных работ по послегарантийным случаям может составлять до 60 дней. Сервисный центр оставляет за собой право на согласование с Заказчиком сроков и стоимости работ по послегарантийному ремонту, в том числе и в сторону увеличения. На следующей неделе созвонюсь с Вами и завезу. Добрый день есть датчик скорости и температуры на Hamberd tx? Show all 4 comments Dmitry Yartsev replied to Sergey.

    humminbird service

    Сергей , нет датчика или руссификации? Нет датчика и руссификации. Dmitry Yartsev replied to Sergey. Кто то с таким раритетом сталкивался. Походу еще совковая разработка год выпуска. On top of this they expect you to pay 60 dollars per cord to hook up to the ethernet box. You would think that paying dollars for a switch plus three sixty dollar cables would be enough but you also have to buy three adapters to actually plug ethernet into a helix unit. At least I realized before opening the boxes. Where Humminbird completely falls down is Can wait on phone forever. What happened to support for your AutoChart Users Group????? Hundreds of registered users, guests users online asking questions all the time and never any responses from HB mods. Next item WTH is up with making software and program changes to depthfinde rs that make the user manuals obsolete but you dont update the manuals? Like I said in another post, until two years ago I recommende d HB. Have spent multiple hours on hold with customer service over the course of The customer service gal has been no help, I was told a few things to try over the course of 3 calls, all of which were unsuccessf ul. I was eventually told they noted my problem and I needed me to be on a lake for them to troublesho ot it despite it not working in my driveway but they are only open until 4: She was obviously stumped by the problem and merely trying to get me off the phone.


    I was pleasantly surprised that Hummingbir d was willing to stand by their product, after hearing all the horror stories about the customer service. I had my Hummingbir d fish finder for 2 yrs and it wo I only used it once in that 2 yrs and Hummingbir d was willing to waive the warranty. Языки, карты, часовые пояса, единицы измерения, гарантии должны соответствовать территории использования.

    humminbird service

    Гарантийная поддержка приборов, выпущенных для американского рынка, официальным дистрибьютором в России не осуществляется. Переустановка программного обеспечения приборов, выпущенных для Соединенных Штатов, с целью получить другой язык и метрическую систему мер - не производится и является незаконной.